Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy of Orange County (OC AiP) is a network of diverse professional advisors who are devoted to mastering and promoting the principles and practices of client-centered planning.


Sept. 9th - 2016 OC AiP Board and Membership Forum

Sept. 9th - 2016 OC AiP Board and Membership Forum

Date: 09/09/2016

Location: Orange County United Way Offices

All current members are invited to attend.  Please come and provide your advice, feedback, and more importantly get involved to grow our AiP chapter.  We will be forming our 2017 committees (Membership, Education, Communication, Events, and Sponsorships) and planning our 2017 OC AiP program schedule.  A national AiP update will also be provided, including the latest [...]


In addition to the Orange County chapter, you can also participate in events and webinars hosted by the national office of Advisors in Philanthropy. We encourage you to explore the online calendar. Some of the various chapters throughout the country also have their events listed. 


In October 2015, Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP) presented “Young Lives in the Balance” featuring Bill Podlich, Andy Horowitz and Dr. Pamela Lawrence Horowitz. They spoke passionately about charter schools as a proven way to help those most at-risk in Orange County’s failing schools. We invite you to view a brief video filmed the day of the program: