August 1, 2022

August 2022 Newsletter

Do you believe in the power of philanthropy to change lives for the better? Do you celebrate the generosity of so many in our community who make life better for others? Do you do what you can to help promote, support, and contribute to the efforts of our nonprofits in helping others learn, grow and thrive?
July 2, 2022

OC AiP June 2022 Newsletter

Advancing the Mission and Reach of OC AiP When you visit the Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy website, you will see that we have added some new members to the Board of Directors. These engaged philanthropically inclined leaders include Bart Zandenbergen of The Zandenbergen Group, Dawn Reese of The Wooden Floor, Jeri Marcia of Davis Farr, Mary Dee Foft of Mary Dee Foft & Associates, and Traci Shirachi of The Mark. If you would like to get involved with the leadership of OC AiP, email [email protected].
July 2, 2022

OC AiP May 2022 Newsletter

Advancing the Mission and Reach of OC AiP The board of directors for Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP) met on April 19 to review and adopt a strategic initiative to increase our educational and networking programs offered throughout the year. Ad hoc committee leaders Richard Ward (Stifel) and John Guastaferro (Anaheim Community Foundation) shared an update on the 2022 survey responses and brainstorming session notes.
July 2, 2022

OC AiP March 2022 Newsletter

Complete Survey to Help Us Grow Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy Your membership and involvement keeps OC AiP strong. It is crucial for us to take strategic action to: (1) Grow our membership by adding more professional advisors; (2) Expand our program features and benefits to attract new members and retain their involvement as members over time; and (3) Align our actions with AiP’s mission and vision.
July 2, 2022

OC AiP February 2022 Newsletter

Out to Grown Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy While we have a long, rich history, OC AiP is ready to revitalize and grow again. It is time for those who understand and value philanthropy to come together to re-envision all that OC AiP can be and do to bring together like minded colleagues to realize this new vision.
January 8, 2022

OC AiP December 2021 Newsletter

As we approach the end of 2021, the OC AiP Board of Directors is appreciative of all those who volunteer with passion, support the meaningful missions of nonprofit organizations and advocate thoughtful charitable giving with their clients. Thank you for being a champion for good!