December 2014 Leading Advisor’s Roundtable Series

Discussion Leader: Todd Hanson, VP of Donor and Community Engagement, Orange County Community Foundation

The Orange County Community Foundation is a trusted partner in giving, working to create a healthy community through engaged philanthropy, community knowledge and leadership.  A giving plan can help you personalize your giving, tailoring your giving plan to your style and personality.

By identifying the kinds of gifts that best reflect your vision and values, these plans also make sure your contributions are as strategic and meaningful as possible.

todd-hansen-occfTodd Hanson our VP of Donor and Community Engagement will lead a roundtable discussion on developing personal and strategic giving plans (building off of our
October Speaker Series).

  1. Creating Personal Giving Plans
  2. Engaging Family in Philanthropy
  3. Evaluating Results and Measuring Impact

Todd Hanson is vice president of donor & community engagement at the Orange County Community Foundation.  For more than 12 years Todd has provided support to some of Orange County’s most generous families, helping them achieve their philanthropic goals and inspiring effective and impactful giving. He works with donors to develop personalized giving plans, arrange agency site visits, organize presentations on community issues and provide research reports on nonprofits. He visits more than 100 local charities each year to stay informed on the latest programs, services and results. He has more than 20 years of experience in nonprofits and is the former executive director of Camp Fire USA in Orange County. He is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton.


Roundtable Discussions are open to members, but feel free to bring a friend to introduce them to OCAiP. There is a limit of 16 people per Roundtable.

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