Bridging Generations: Preparing Heirs to Inherit

On August 11, Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy continued its Webinar Series with featured presenter Amy Castoro, President & CEO of The Williams Group. The topic was “Bridging Generations: Preparing Heirs to Inherit.” Special thanks to the Financial Planning Association of Orange County for cosponsoring this informative presentation.

The Williams Group is committed to enabling families to strengthen trust and communication to ensure their families will thrive and their wealth will be a force for good in the family for generations to come.

If you’ve ever seen the HBO series “Succession,” Amy cited that this dramatized power struggle among families is all to real. Navigating and strengthening family dynamics is essential to the successful transfer of wealth among family generations.

While 75% of families want to continue passing on wealth to the next generation, only 25% actually take action with strategies to do this successfully and harmoniously. 

The Williams Group specializes in family and advisor coaching for wealth transfer, heirs and succession planning. There are four key areas for successful family wealth transition, prioritized in the following way:

  • 60% – Trust and Communication
  • 25% – Heir Readiness
  • 10% – Family Wealth Mission
  • 5% – Other Causes

A good way to navigate this process is using pre- and post-assessments with families. Goals include achieving unity and shared purpose, trust and communication, reconciliation, governance structure, and clear roles and responsibilities. 

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