Roundtable – March 2013

Topic: Building Integrated Wealth Management Teams
Discussion Leader: Adam C. Broughton, CFP®, Sackett Financial Group

Adam helped design a new format for group learning and the result was outstanding. A real-life case was summarized by the host – anonymized, of course – and participants had a chance to discuss approaches and solutions to the situation presented.

The case chosen placed many wealth-planning issues on the table and our attendees from a broad cross-section of disciplines (financial planners, CPA’s, estate attorneys, insurance specialist, non-profits, and philanthropic advisors) brought their own unique perspective into the discussion.

One participant wrote: “I wanted to thank you [Adam] for moderating a wonderful meeting. I think the format was very powerful and you did a great job leading the group.”

Another said after the session: “I rarely have a chance to hear the perspective of other advisors – and from the vantage point of multiple disciplines. I learned a lot today.”

Establishing the Advisor’s Need for a NEW conversation—Beyond Money

The Role of Philanthropy in the Role of Creation of Legacy Families by. Lee Hausner, Ph.D.
(View the slides from Lee’s presentation by clicking here. pdf)

The event is finished.