Speaker Series – June 2013

Topic: When clients leave too much money to their children it can derail their future. Yet it happens all the time. How can wealth advisors draw attention to the pitfalls and actually strengthen the client relationship?
Speaker: Richard Watts, Founder and President of Family Business Office ®

How do we decide what to leave our kids from our estate? How much is too much? What can happen if an inheritance changes the lifestyle of our children? Does our estate plan have to be customized for each of our children? What can philanthropy offer the client and his family in the way of character protection for the future?

These topics will be discussed by Richard Watts, advisor to some of the wealthiest families in America, and author of Fables of Fortune: What Rich People Have That You Don’t Want. Richard will suggest that your common sense may be your most valuable tool in assisting the rich navigate the waters of wealth and its complications to both family and friends.
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Richard Watts

Richard Watts

Speaker: Richard Watts, Founder and President of Family Business Office ®
Harvard Business School OPM, Boston Massachusetts
Admitted to California State Bar 1982
University of California at San Diego, School of Economics

Family Business Office® (FBO) is a legal and consulting firm to families of high net worth and family office enterprises. Richard’s families rely on him to oversee family operations and make decisions with them on a daily basis. Richard is a writer for numerous publications throughout the United States and Canada, and speaks nationally on transitioning wealth to your children.

Richard is a resident of Laguna Beach, California. His passions include traveling with his wife, Debbie, and family, long board surfing at San Onofre, swimming, skiing and snowboarding in the local mountains, piano, and music composition. He is the proud father of his three sons; Aaron (wife Rene), Todd (wife Stephanie), and Russell, and has two granddaughters; Maclane and Lucy.

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